Dawson City was created in 1898, during the heyday of the Klondike Gold Rush. With a population of 40,000 people, running water, steam heat, and telephone service, it was dubbed “The Paris of the North”.

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Today, Dawson City is still a gold mining town, although Tourism has eclipsed gold as the primary industry. An estimated 60,000 people visit Dawson City each year, taking in the rich heritage and beautiful landscapes of the Yukon.

Discover that history continues to live on in the homes and businesses that line the gravel streets and boardwalks of the city that is timeless, and be carried back to an earlier era of gaslight and hoop skirts.

Visit the Palace Grand Theatre, the Old Post Office, the Bank of British North America, the Comissioner’s Residence, the Museum and Steam Engine house, and the Fire Hall. Savour the sense of excitement that pulled adventurers and gold seekers from around the world.

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